Prosetín is a small municipality near Bystřice nad Pernštejnem. The hill called Vrchy north of Prosetín is 637 metres high. In the direction to the south the Hornosvratecká Highlands is opened towards the South Moravian Region. The altitude of Prosetín is however still high, about 561 metres. The number of population is about 400. The surrounding countryside is beautiful, we can find here a rare natural location called Kocoury with rich flora on limestone soil.

Prosetín is mentioned in the year 1390 when the whole area belonged to the Pernštejn dynasty. In the 16th century it became a part of Kunštát domain. At the beginning of the 17th century there used to be a fortress in Prosetín but most probably it was destroyed quite soon. In a place of an original small Church of St. Margaret a new bigger Catholic church with a rectory was built in the 18th century.

In the whole region the Protestants had the majority. The counter-Reformation was not that cruel here, the area was too remote. The secret Protestants had worship meetings in a cave in Páleniny and they were exchanging forbidden books. After the declaration of the Toleration Patent all the villagers in Prosetín chose the Reformed confession. The congregation was established in the year 1782 and in the same year in March a brick house of prayer started to be built in the hill above the village near the big oak tree. The first worship took place already on the 26th of October 1782. The equipment of the house of prayer is still in the line with a Reformed style: a pulpit is located on the longer side of the wall and in front of it there is the Lord’s table with a woodcarved fence. The organ is on the massive choir since 1912. During the years it was necessary to make some repairs. The most important one was an additional construction of a Neo-Renaissance tower to the front of the house of prayer. In the year 1897 an entrance into the church was also adjusted.

Together with the church, a cemetery was founded. In the year 1893 a new rectory in the village was built and replaced the original one from the year 1784. Local Protestant school assists in establishing libraries also in neighbouring villages.

Prosetín congregation contributed to the foundation of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren (ECCB) congregations in Rovečné and in Olešnice.

Prosetín did not escape an unfavourable fate during World War II, either. Many congregation members helped the partisans. The Evangelical rectory became a centre of revolt activities.Congregation curator Jaroslav Just was imprisoned and several brave members were killed. The memorable oak near the church is still there, it is still a silent witness of the past as well as the presence.