Near Jimramov, in a protected landscape area of the Žďár Hills, at the southern hill-side of Buchtův hill lies a small municipality of Daňkovice. At an altitude of 685 metres above sea level there live about 136 inhabitants. The municipality was already mentioned for the first time in connection with the year 1350. At that time Daňkovice was a part of the Pernštejn domain and besides peasant settlements the little cottages of day labourers were scattered over the slopes of the hills. The villagers made their living by weaving, by working on the poor fields and in the forest.

Already in the year 1750 a pub and three brickyards were here. At that time Daňkovice also got its seal. In the 19th century a cultural life started to develop here, in 1906 Daňkovice had its own library. During the period of the First Czechoslovak Republic a convalescent home was built in the Buchtův Hill but during the Second World War it was occupied by Hitlerjugend for their purposes. Today there is a medical institute. During the war Czech and Soviet partisans found their refuge in the surroundings of Daňkovice. They were secretly supported by the members of a local congregation.

Nowadays, Daňkovice is very popular place for tourism and recreation for its scenic landscape and beautiful surroundings. Some of the coutry cottages were preserved; two of them are on the list of the protected monuments.

During a counter-Reformation secret Protestants were hiding in the surroundings of Daňkovice as well as everywhere in Vysočina. After a declaration of the Toleration Patent almost all the inhabitants confessed to a Reformed confession and already in the year 1782 they joined a congregation in Jimramov and later they joined a neighbouring congregation in Německé (today Sněžná). The inhabitants of Daňkovice built their first wooden house of prayer in the year 1785 and they were using it for more than thirty years. In the year 1818 a spacious stone house of prayer with a nice attic roof and straight rectangular windows was built at the outskirts of the village. The entrance was from the field path. The house of prayer has kept its original appearance until now; only necessary repairs were done. The inside arrangement has not been changed, either. The inscriptions with biblical texts between the windows are as well preserved. The valuable organ comes from Jimramov church. A cemetery with a stone wall and two gates spreads around the house of prayer. A new rectory was built in the year 1906.

Officially, Daňkovice became a congregation on the 26th of October 1904. Nowadays, a preaching station in Borovnice with a Protestant church from the year 1886 is also a part of the congregation.